Best way to increase you traffic in your blog

Best way to increase you traffic in your blog

Traffic is that the most important thing for a website or blogger. If your website’s traffic is revenue and it will boast your revenue and make your website a brand for authentic information and lots of more benefits, we will cover some other time in other posts.

Today let’s speak about the step you can follow to increase your audience to boost your traffic for the better. Let’s divide this into two parts:

The step you ought to follow on the website & the step you should follow out of the website. you can’t increase your traffic without increasing the number of returning visitors for that, your on-page must be good.

On-page Steps to extend Traffic

There are numerous steps you can follow on the website you increase traffic as well as returning visitors let’s talk about a few of them in detail.

Regularly Update the Content

You should regularly update your website with the most relevant content. The regular content update will provide a good signal to search engines and there are many chances you can get good positions in SERPs.

Create Sub-topics to Support the most Post

If you’re planning to post about a major topic, you should go ahead but for a good grip on that topic in the eye of your reader as well as a search engine, you want to have a few sub-topics on that topic. A user will surely come if the need will be fulfilled at your website.

Link Well Internally

After making many sub-topics the subsequent main thing is to link these posts internally to navigate the reader to other pages.

Internal linking also will help search engine crawlers to crawl your website and have a good impression of the well-linked information.

Give Credits

When you are writing on something, you’ll give credit by mentioning the pages or websites from which you got any information or reference. this is often a very good practice to follow and also it will increase the credibility of your content as well.

Steps to follow through of the website

When you will follow the steps that are required on the website after that you start working out of the websites to tell people about your content and your websites.

When you start no one is aware of you or your website. So, you’ve got to work to increase the number of people who know about your website.

Write Blog Posts for Other Websites

This is a very basic and easy step but most important in increasing the traffic of your blog. once you write blogs for other websites you can directly talk about your website to the readers of that website. this manner you can convert the reader of other blogs to your website, and they will come again & again because you follow the on-page steps.

The quality of your content should be the best.

The blog you’re writing for should be relevant to your niche.

Use social media.

Social media plays a really important role to increase your website’s traffic. you want to consider this tool to work for you to convert traffic to your website. you’ll plan and build a strategy to post on social media and refer the traffic to your website.

You can also run social media ads if you have an ad budget. Social media ads can instantly boost your traffic and revenue, but it isn’t sustainable because when you stop investing on ads you will lose that chunk of traffic.

You can consider these social media platforms:





Forums & Question answer sites

In the past forums plays a very important role in getting information on the web. you’ll also use this tool in your plan to take advantage and increase your traffic. Just work on the foremost relevant forums, regularly update, and make an honest presence there. People will surely follow you to your website.

There are many platforms where people ask questions and problems, they’re facing Quora is very famous among these. you’ll use these sites to answer and solve the problem of the users and convert them into regular visitors.

These are just some of the best ways to increase your blog traffic. By implementing these strategies, you will see a boost in your traffic.

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